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How Not to Write a Novel: 200 Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs If You Ever Want to Get Published - Howard Mittelmark, Sandra Newman How Not To Write A Novel is an indispensible gem for aspiring writers. Instead of telling you what to write and how to write it, this book takes you through a variety of mistakes that will lead to editors promptly sending your manuscript to the rejection pile. Not only is it a useful reference point, it's also humorous and witty.

One of my favourite lines is: 'Giving a reader a sex scene that is only half right is like giving her half of a kitten. It is not half as cute as a whole kitten; it is a bloody, godawful mess.'

As I was reading the book, I noticed a couple of things that I have done whilst writing (though perhaps not to an extreme!) and it's been useful as a checklist of things I should go back and rework or double check.

The last chapter on query letters to publishers/agents is particularly helpful.

Even if you only write for fun, this book is well worth a read. :)