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A Visit From The Goon Squad - Jennifer Egan I'm not really sure what to think of this book. I finished it at about 4 this morning, and I've been thinking about it for most of the day, trying to work out what to say.

There's no plot to speak of. It's more... brief studies of humanity. Each chapter is from the point of view of a different person, and all the characters are interlinked. From chapter to chapter, the book shifts in style: third person, first person, and, once, second person. There is even a whole chapter written with PowerPoint.

Despite not having much of a plot, A Visit From The Goon Squad is strangely compelling. I read it in one go, staying up to the aforementioned 4am. The characters are strong, and the snapshots into their lives are tragic, humorous and enlightening.

Jenny Egan is also one hell of a writer. Her prose is crisp, clean and she uses precisely the right words. The reader is not bogged down in any unnecessary detail.

That said, I think it's one of those books you have to read for yourself to truly understand.

This won't be for everyone, and the character/style shifts can be frustrating and off-putting, but I enjoyed it.