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Blue Exorcist Volume 02 - Kato Kazue Rin Okumura is the illegitimate son of Satan, but he and his twin brother, Yukio, have been raised by Father Fujimoto, a famous exorcist. Once he discovers the truth, Rin swears to defeat Satan by entering the famous True Cross Academy and becoming an exorcist himself. The only trouble is, he has to keep his demon heritage a secret or he stands a good chance of being destroyed by the very people he wants to join.

Volume two finds Rin struggling to make friends and to be accepted by his classmates, whilst the class prepares to take the exwire examination - the first step on the road to becoming an exorcist.

I enjoyed volume two of Blue Exorcist more than the first one for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the pace seemed to suit the story this time, moving neither too slow nor too fast. This made it exciting and suspenseful by turns.

Secondly, I knew the characters more so I could empathise and sympathise with what they were going through. I enjoyed getting to know Shiemi more, and also (obviously), Rin. More characters were introduced this volume, which was a little confusing at first, but they were explored in enough depth that it didn't take too long to know who was who.

Thirdly, the story is picking up now. Where the first volume was an introduction to the series, volume two is starting to dive into the real plot.

It is a bit hard to know who to trust, as several characters seem to be on Rin's side one minute and (possibly) Satan's side the next. This, whilst a little confusing, is interesting because it means the characters are much more than superficial. I look forward to seeing whose side the characters are on in the end.

Again, I'd recommend this series to anyone who likes manga with action sequences, and with demons, spirits and paranormal things. :)