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Diego  - Angel Martinez Finn and Diego are back! :)

In Diego, a misunderstanding between Finn and Diego causes a tear in the Veil and they are sucked into the Otherworld. Separated and held by the different Fae courts, they must find each other again. But this is only the beginning...

Firstly, let me start with the reason that this only has four stars and not five, even though I loved it. On at least two separate occasions, it felt as though the book was nearing its climax, but, in reality, I wasn't that far through at all. Perhaps this could be forgiven if there had been some foreshadowing in earlier chapters of what was to come, as then perhaps the book might not have felt so disjointed in places. I can understand why this narrative structure might work in some novels (and, trust me, I was happy I had more left to read!) but in Diego it made me uncomfortable and occasionally tossed me unceremoniously out of the story.

However, when this is the only negative that sticks out for me, I'd say Angel Martinez has done a good job. I mean, it might just be me being nitpicky so don't let me put you off! ;)

I said in my review for Finn that I would love to see the other side of the Veil and more Fae, and, in Diego, my prayers were answered. Yay!

As I've come to expect from Angel Martinez's work, the characters were three dimensional, vibrant and the secondary characters existed outside the sphere of the main characters. Which is always good. I hate when characters only exist in relation to the protagonist and don't have lives of their own. I initially had some issues picturing and relating to a lot of the Fae (characters with animal features (heads, tails, feet, etc) or talking animals are one of my reading turn-offs), it didn't take that long for me to break through that barrier. The thing I liked the most about the Formorians were that they were not just humans with animal features. They acted like they should, hunting, snarling, mating, whatever. And the sidhe, once again, were not just humans with pointy ears. They were most decidedly not human. I think that's a great achievement (and, of course, a lot of the humour stems from that - 'cream that has been frozen', anyone? ;D).

I particularly loved the character of Lugh. I thought his backstory was really interesting, and (if Diego's reactions are anything to go by) he is damn sexy. ;D And I loved Sionnach and Angus too! They're so adorable! *squishes them with love* And, of course, Finn, though occasionally he's a stupid moron and I want to shake him and rattle his tiny pooka brain (in a loving way).

The culture of the Otherworld was also well-developed, with things like casual nudity, 'mating' and the herald system seeming natural and not just there for the sake of it. I love how Angel Martinez manages to make her cultures seem rich and layered without spending paragraphs and paragraphs going over the minutiae. I enjoyed the politics between the courts, though I would have liked to see more of the Fae outside those two courts - the wild fae, the bann sidhe, the dragons, etc.

Even though this is primarily erotica, the sex didn't seem overly important or the 'focus' of the story. Sure, there were some steamy sex scenes, but I found the plot a lot more interesting. Perhaps this a good thing, however, as one of the main problems with erotica is when it is Porn Without Plot (or, if you prefer, Plot? What Plot?).

I wasn't too sure on the end of the novel, mainly because I'm rather cynical about humankind's ability to live in harmony with each other, let alone another race of beings. But, you know, this is a small detail, and I was pleased with the whole Happily Ever After epilogue. I'm a bit of a sucker for happy endings, no matter how unrealistic.

It seems as though the series is over, though I would love more stories set in this world. Perhaps not focusing on Finn and Diego, but on humans sneaking onto the Fae island and falling in love, or a Fae venturing out into the 'real world' and finding love. Or a book with Lugh and Zack (totally would not complain *_*).

If you've read Finn, Diego is a worthy sequel. If you haven't read Finn, why not?! Go read it! :D