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Breaking Free (Masters of the Shadowlands, #3) - Cherise Sinclair Beth has escaped from an abusive relationship with her sadist husband. Despite the fear Kyler has put in her, Beth is still submissive to the bone, and the Shadowlands are the one place she feels at home. But Beth is only willing to let weak, inexperienced Doms top her, and they don't do anything for her. When Master Z tells her she must accept being topped by Master Nolan or lose her membership to Club Shadowlands, Beth knows she doesn't have a choice. Master Nolan is an experienced Dom, and he won't let her get away with anything, but Beth can't lose the one place she's felt safe in a long time.

To my surprise, Breaking Free is even better than the last Club Shadowlands; I wasn't sure that anyone could top Master Dan (er, not like that...)! This installment of the Club Shadowlands series had more of a plot than the other two, with intermissions from the terrifying mind of Kyler, Beth's husband. I think that helped a lot in making this one be slightly better than the last, as, though the first two books had plot, their plots were more internal character-orientated plots. Breaking Free had action and suspense.

I loved Beth's character, and the way Master Nolan was with her. I never thought that I'd like Nolan (I think it's his name that puts me off), but this book proved me wrong. It was interesting to see how Beth's trust slowly grew throughout the book, which is something that's rather hard to pull off. I admire Cherise Sinclair for that. Also, Beth was a very brave character. Even though some things scared her, she put her trust in Master Nolan to push through that fear and find the pleasure of the other side.

Nolan was a strong character. As I said before, I was originally put off by his name – let that be a lesson to me, I think! He was just as intense as Z and Dan before him, but though he was rather gruff, he knew when to be gentle and he made sure that Beth’s needs came first. As well as that, I thought he was a very honourable, honest man, particularly when he stated that the one thing he cannot stand is lying. Not only that, he had the decency and courage to admit when he was wrong - that he over-reacted by flying off the handle when he discovered Beth was married, because he realised that she’d only done it to protect herself and he was annoyed at himself that he was too blind to think of that before it was too late. It takes a strong man to admit he was wrong, so he earned my respect for that.

Kyler, on the other hand… well. Sinclair does a good job of crafting a villain, considering the short page count of the novel. I might have liked a little bit of something to make Kyler more human, but you know. That’s not a big thing. Being in his head was terrifying. I actually felt my chest tighten and every muscle get tense every time it switched to his point of view. Using him as a point of view character was a really effective way to ratchet up the tension. It meant we knew things that Beth didn’t. Ahh, he was so terrifying. *shudders*

Moving on from the characters, I really liked the introduction of Nolan’s parties. It was great to see the Doms and subs in a more relaxed environment, and, well… the party games Nolan came up with were certainly very interesting. ;D

I also very much enjoyed the cameos and use of other characters in this novel, especially Jessica and Kari. It was nice to see the main characters from the previous novels flourishing with their Doms, as well as knowing that Beth would make some great friends as you already knew them so intimately. I also liked seeing how the other Doms treated Beth, especially Cullen (so glad the next book is about him!!). I also love how involved Master Z was with the rescue. He's definitely growing on me. :)

The sex in this one was hot, as usual, and I didn't even notice the 'womb' thing that annoyed me in the other two. Even though there were a lot of sex scenes, I didn't actually feel as though the book was about them. It was as though it was a plot interspersed with sex scenes, not sex scenes linked together by plot. This is the way to do it, people! :)

In conclusion, I liked this book even more than I liked Dark Citadel, which is saying something. Breaking Free is the strongest book of the series so far, due to its strong suspenseful qualities and the character of Beth. I just loved her. :) I can't wait to read Cullen's book soon. :)