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The Englor Affair (Sci-Regency Series, #2) - J.L. Langley 05/10/2012: Finished today!! Just in time to start My Regelence Rake on the plane to Australia tomorrow, woo! I actually enjoyed this a lot more the second time around, and the issues I had with it during my first read didn't bother me as much this time around. I'm going to leave it at four stars, though I may bump it up to five in future. :)

20/09/2012: My quest to re-read the series continues...


The sequel to My Fair Captain.

In The Englor Affair, Nathanial Hawkins takes Prince Payton Townsend to the regency planet of Englor, to help him discover the conspiracy set up in the first book, and to discover whether or not Englor is friend or foe. Payton is a computer genius and brilliant at hacking, so his skills will come in useful. Englor is a regency plant that frowns on homosexual relationships (and therefore Payton). Crown prince Simon, however, is gay and has to hide it from everyone around him. But then Simon and Payton meet and there is an instant attraction.

I didn't like this book as much as I liked My Fair Captain, but I still enjoyed it. The background story was strong, with enough tension and suspense to carry it through to the end. The sex was hot and quite imaginative. Simon and Payton's relationship was believable and, once again, the side characters were strong and added to the story. J.L. Langley is also very good with humour - I found myself laughing out loud and quoting amusing lines to my (long-suffering) girlfriend.

The thing that annoyed me about this book (and the reason it didn't get five stars) is that a lot of tension in Simon and Payton's relationship came from not communicating with each other. I ended up getting frustrated with the both of them, Payton in particular. JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER, GODAMMIT! It probably wouldn't have been so frustrating if we only followed one character, but when you've been following both and you know that they both have completely the wrong idea about the other... well. It's frustrating. Can you tell I was frustrated? XD

Aside from that, though, I really enjoyed this book and it was a worthy sequel to My Fair Captain. The conspiracy background plot was not drawn to a conclusion yet (and there are still some princelings without consorts ;) ) so I look forward to the next installment in this series. :)