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My Regelence Rake - J.L. Langley I'm horrifically jetlagged, but let's see how this goes.

Colton has been in love with Sebastian Hastings for a long while. The trouble is, Sebastian is a player and a rake, and he has never shown the slightest bit of interest in Colton. At least, that Colton has seen...

My Regelence Rake takes up the story of the previous two novels, though it focuses more on the relationship between Sebastian and Colton than the conspiracy with the IN. In some ways, this was a little disappointing as I was expecting a bit more to be revealed about the conspiracy in this book, but, on the other hand, it was quite refreshing. Colton, as a character, is rather single-minded (horses/Sebastian) and has no time for conspiracies. It was in keeping with his character that more of the plot was focused on the immediate surroundings, and enough was made of the conspiracy that an ominous shadow was built up for a subsequent book. (Sebastian, at least, was focused a little bit on the IN situation.)

I loved the relationship between Sebastian and Colton. They had their ups and downs (otherwise it wouldn't have been a very good novel), but they felt very comfortable as a couple. I never once doubted their love for each other. The chemistry between them was palpable, something that seems to be a staple in J L Langley's work. I also really liked the fact that Colton has a quite dominant, assertive side, something we have not seen in the previous books with Aiden and Payton. I went into the book expecting Colton to be the vulnerable one in the relationship, but was pleasantly surprised with how things ended up.

There is also a lot more Steven and Raleigh in this book than in the previous two novels. We even go into Steven's viewpoint several times, which was a bit of a shock the first time it happened. However, Steven and Raleigh are my favourite couple in the series so I didn't really mind the interludes! The parts from Steven's point of view were the parts of the book that really focused on the IN conspiracy (when he wasn't matchmaking, that is!). I really hope J L Langley gives Steven and Raleigh their own book in future, or at least writes a short story about how they ended up together. I would snap that up in a heartbeat. :)

Another thing I loved about this book was Rexley. He wasn't a very prominent character in the last two books, but he gained much more of a personality in My Regelence Rake. I won't spoil it by saying any more about it, but I absolutely loved him.

Not knowing very much about horses, and certainly not very much about breeding and racing horses, I can't comment on the accuracy of the horsey knowledge in this book. However, the passages with the horses felt realistic and I enjoyed that the different horses had their own personalities. From what my younger sister tells me about riding, horses have very strong personalities so it was nice to read an author that portrayed that. Of course, it could be a completely inaccurate portrayal for all I know, but it felt realistic. Which is a good thing.

I enjoyed learning about Sebastian's past, which allowed us to dive a little more into the underbelly of Regelence. We spend a lot of time amongst the rich society and not that much amongst the poor, so it was great to see that side of things. I also found it an interesting twist that an interest in women was seen as odd and shameful when it came to Seb's father (it is no secret that Sebastian is naturally born).

I actually liked this book more than I liked My Fair Captain, which, all things considered, is quite an achievement. I really hope there are more books in this series and will eagerly be awaiting the next installment. :)