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Black Bird, Vol. 14 - Kanoko Sakurakouji 'Misao is the bride of prophecy whose blood gives power to the demon who claims her. But most demons want to keep her power for themselves - by eating her! Now Misao is just trying to stay alive...'

In this volume, the storyline with Sho came to an end and the FINAL story arc began! /sob There were also three 'special' chapters (including one set in a taxi rank, one humorous and sexy set at bath time, and one giving some backstory between Sagami and Ayame) which I enjoyed very much. :)

It ended with ANOTHER cliffhanger. Alas. BUT the next volume does come out in English tomorrow, so hopefully I won't have to wait that long to read it... :)

As far as reviewing this goes, this volume had ALL THE FEELS. Especially for my Sho! Shoooo! ;A; *gives him many snuggles*

I felt the focus this volume was pulled away from Misao a bit, especially in the first half, but the latter bit of this volume made up for that. I think that it would have been a mistake, anyway, to focus too much on Misao in the climactic scene with Kyo and Sho!

As usual, I loved the artwork. Sakurakouji's style is just so pleasing to look at. And, of course, she draws lots and lots of good looking men. ;D

I'm looking forward to reading the next volume, though I'm sad this story arc is the last one!