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Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 04 - Bisco Hatori Having broken a priceless vase, Haruhi Fujioka is in debt to the host club, and this romantic comedy series follows her as she tries to pay it back.

The plot at Haruhi's house continues and my love for Tamaki grows! :) Also included in this volume is some Hunny/Mori character development, which I love, and a strange Alice in Wonderland type interlude... which I don't. At least in the anime this interlude is explained as Haruhi's dream, but in the manga, it's just... random. And serves no point, as far as I can tell. Bizarre, to say the least.

I also enjoyed meeting Haruhi's father. He really is an awesome character. Tamaki has met his match, I think!

Also, the twins from Romantic Egoist return in a special Love Egoist episode at the end, which is about a love between teacher and student... sort of. I enjoyed this one more than Romantic Egoist, for some reason.