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Ouran High School Host Club, Vol. 15 - Bisco Hatori Having broken a priceless vase, Haruhi Fujioka is in debt to the host club, and this romantic comedy series follows her as she tries to pay it back.

Hunny and Mori are finally graduating, and they want to snap Tamaki out of his depression so the host club can make the most of their last couple of months. Tamaki also realises his true feelings for Haruhi (FINALLY), and the battle between Tamaki and Hikaru is on!

So... the series is beginning to wind down, and there is a definite sense of an end looming on the horizon. I'm not ready for it to end yet! *rolls around* Three more volumes to go, and things are starting to come together.

I'm curious about Kyoya's discoveries about the Suoh lawyer, and about said lawyer's warning to Haruhi's dad. Haruhi doesn't belong at Ouran and should leave? What?!

This volume, again, ends on a cliffhanger, but a Hunny and Mori cliffhanger. I guess it's only fitting as next volume is perhaps the last they will play a major role in? (I could be wrong.)

I also loved the extra random story at the end with Hunny and Reiko, haha. She needs to learn that 'love curses' are not the answer!!

Also, I'm really noticing the beauty of the art now. Seriously, if you compare this volume to the first volume there is a HUGE difference.

All in all, this is a great volume, though it is tinged with sadness and some measure of suspense.