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Molly’s Lips: Club Mephisto Retold (Club Mephisto #1.5) - Annabel Joseph This book is Club Mephisto retold from Mephisto's point of view. For my review of Club Mephisto, see here.

Well, after reading Club Mephisto I was desperate to get inside Mephisto's head, to see what he was thinking and feeling throughout his week with Molly. In Club Mephisto, we get glimpses of his personality, but not enough to really see Mephisto - AKA Jay - as a person. I was very surprised (and gladdened) to discover that the terrifying, intense Master Mephisto had a soft, vulnerable side.

I was also glad to see his side of that whole incident with Jamie. Reading that from Molly's point of view upset me a lot, and reading it from Mephisto's kind of helped explain it for me. It also helped a lot that Mephisto punched him. It still made me uncomfortable though.

I enjoyed the beginning and ending scenes between Mephisto and Clayton, because it helped frame the story in a wider narrative. Molly's a bit clueless about the whole thing, so it was nice to get more of an explanation from Clayton (and to see Mephisto probing him for answers). (I still don't like Clayton, though.)

I was intrigued to see that Mephisto struggled with the concept of total power exchange, and questioned the whole thing several times (in his head). Interesting, because reading from Molly's point of view you kind of forget that her and Clayton's relationship is not common, even in the kink world. In that respect, Mephisto was a much deeper character than I could have imagined from my reading of Club Mephisto. There are layers of regret and insecurity and and - *rolls around*

On a side note, it makes me kind of sad that Mephisto has no vanilla friends. :( I also wish that we could find out a lot more about his backstory, but we did get quite a bit of Molly's backstory in this one. (Hint: It wasn't at all what I expected.) I was happy to find out that Molly was not quite as shallow as she seemed in Club Mephisto.

I enjoyed this a lot more from Mephisto's point of view. I kind of wish, however, that the two points of view could have been put into one book. It was a bit annoying knowing what was going to happen before it happened. But I guess that's an expected thing about a retelling.

If you read Club Mephisto and your main reason for not liking it was Molly, give this book a chance. You might just enjoy it! (Plus, it's really quite short.) If total power exchange isn't your thing, I'd give this one a miss.