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Screw the Fags (Screwing the System, #1.5) - Josephine Myles When Cosmo Rawlins makes a special request for his upcoming birthday, his toppy boyfriend strikes a deal with him: if Cosmo gives up smoking, Alasdair will buy him a car.

This is a very short follow up to Screwing the System. It's set ten months into Cosmo and Alisdair's relationship, and it was interesting to see how their dynamic had changed in that time. Cosmo, for example, was still a bratty sub on occasion, but he was much more... submissive. In a way that was true to his character, obviously, but it was lovely to see.

The scene in Alisdair's office where Mavis interrupted was hilarious. There was a surprising amount crammed into this story despite its short length, but it didn't feel too short or over-full.

This was a great little read, but I recommend reading Screwing the System first to get the full picture. :)