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The Naughty Boy - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock This is a short story from around the middle of The Good Boy, told from Brin's point of view. Best read after a reading of The Good Boy to get the full impact of the story. :)

The one thing I really loved about this story was the fact that Brin had many hidden depths. I felt really sorry for him, for one thing, whereas he was kind of vaguely annoying in the actual novel.

The writing in this was brilliant, especially the narrative voice. It really did feel as though Brin was narrating the story (though it was told in third person). It was also interesting seeing Lane from Brin's point of view, rather than the other way around.

I also enjoyed reading about Brin and Ferg's relationship. They have a very interesting dynamic, I think, even if Brin is insecure about the relationship. I really like Ferg, for some reason, and would very much like to read more about the two of them. *hint hint*

This story reinforced how good the characters in The Good Boy were, and gave them new life. So glad I was able to pick this up for free! :)