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The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, #2) - Rick Riordan Percy Jackson wakes with amnesia and finds himself at a camp for Roman demigods. The only thing he remembers from his past is a name: Annabeth.

I was a bit apprehensive about starting this one, as I had got used to the viewpoints being Jason, Leo and Piper. Even though Percy is once again a viewpoint character, I hadn't got along great with his viewpoint before. Fortunately, any teething problems Percy and I had had with our relationship were well and truly swept away with this second novel in the Heroes of Olympus series.

I needn't have worried, really.

Frank, Hazel and Percy proved to be just as interesting to read about as their predecessors. I admit, I was a bit turned off by the name Frank (I don't know why), but it grew on me as the novel continued.

I really enjoyed the description of the Roman camp, both the layout of the buildings and the organisation of the legion. It brought back a lot of memories of Classical Civilisations and college. I also enjoyed seeing the Roman incarnation of Ares, Mars. Mars was actually a lot more likeable than Ares, and even Percy comes to that realisation. Haha.

I also loved the character of Ella. If I were immortal, I would probably be just like her. Surrounded by books, slightly crazy and spouting sentences from all the books I'd ever read. Yep. I hope she makes more appearances in the later books, as she was a very different character than most I've read about.

I was glad Nico was in this book too.

Looking forward to reading the next book in the series, though the end of this one makes me feel uneasy about what is to come.