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The Battle of the Labyrinth - Rick Riordan After the slightly disappointing third book, let me just say that I was in no way disappointed by this on. Particularly as it involved Daedalus and the labyrinth (and Icarus), which are some of my favourite parts of Greek mythology. *rolls around happily*

This novel was very fast paced and action packed; something was always happening, monsters were always attacking, etc etc. This means that I raced through the book at breakneck pace, except when I took a break to babysit my little brother. Usually, having action scene upon action scene is something that bugs me about a book, but in this case I think it worked. Things are getting more dangerous in Percy's world, and Riordan does not let you forget it.

One issue I do have with this series is that Percy does not feel as though he's aged at all, even though three years have passed since book one. There is a little bit of confusion concerning girls, but he still feels like a silly preteen about it all. Maybe this is a sign of the books being meant for a younger audience, but, I think, if a protagonist is aging with the series, it should feel like that. The books should feel a bit more mature. They feel more dangerous, yes, but not mature.

That aside, there were a lot of things I really enjoyed about this one. I liked the whole Calypso episode (thought it broke my heart a little), and I really enjoyed seeing Nico develop as a character. Though I wonder how this series would have been with Nico as a main character, rather than Pecy. Interesting thought, I think. (Though I do like Percy as a protagonist, don't get me wrong!)

I can't believe the next book in the series is the last one. I'm worrying a little over the safety of the characters, as I'm sure some people are going to die. More people, I should say. Riordan is quite good at making the deaths of even minor characters quite hard-hitting, even if they've only been mentioned in passing.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this series ends, and am very glad I waited so long to read these books so I don't have to wait to see what happens next!