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The Titan's Curse  - Rick Riordan Artemis has been kidnapped, along with Annabeth, and Percy travels with Artemis's Hunters to save them.

This book follows on from the first two, but I don't think it does it well. The beginning chapter, for instance, takes place months after the cliffhanger ending of book two. I was very confused about the whole thing, and even had to double check that my copy of book two wasn't missing a chapter. It just seemed very unintuitive, and left the reader floundering to piece together events between the two books.

For example, Thalia. We missed the crucial building of the relationship between Thalia and Percy, we missed Thalia's reorientation into the world, and we missed Thalia being introduced as a character. She was just sprung on us, fully-formed, as Percy's 'friend'. I found this rather unsettling, like I'd missed a load of stuff. I hate when authors do that. One more chapter at the end of the last book would have got rid of this problem entirely.

On the other hand, no reviews on here that I've read have complained about this at all, so perhaps it's just me.

Also, Rick, it's Heracles, not Hercules. Hercules is the Roman version. It seems quite weird that he got this wrong, considering the knowledge of Greek mythology that has been displayed so far throughout the series. I get kids are more likely to know Heracles as Hercules, but someone could have easily corrected Percy when he mentioned him. "Oh, no, it's Heracles. Hercules is what the Romans called him." See? Simple.

Once I was past the beginning, this book, thankfully, only got better, and I really enjoyed the adventure.

Nico seems like a very interesting character from his appearance in this book, and I hope we get to see more of him. I'm a bit worried about the role he'll play in the future, but we shall see.

I also liked the introduction of more of the gods, particularly Apollo. I'm quite fond of Apollo outside of this series, so it was interesting to see how he was handled.

And then there's Bessie. :) Enough said about that. I love Bessie.

The series seems to be getting darker and darker (but not too dark), so I'm interested to see where Riordan takes us next!