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Screwing the System - Josephine Myles Forced to apply for a job he doesn’t want, Cosmo Rawlins has only one aim in mind: fail the interview and get back to making music. Except his attempt to shock the older, sharp-suited Alasdair Grant doesn’t have the desired effect.

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this book. I've never read a book by Josephine Myles before, but now I want to get my grabby little hands on ALL OF THEM. :)

As far as BDSM novels go, this one felt very realistic. Perhaps it was the lack of swanky clubs and expensive dungeons, but it felt like a real relationship. For Alisdair, it's about the power dynamic, not all the expensive kit. And, to be honest, he's much more intense for it.

The characterisation in this novel is wonderful. Both Cosmo and Alisdair feel alive; they are damaged, multi-faceted individuals who come together and compromise. The side characters were also well-drawn and felt like real people, rather than just props in the main couple's life. I'm always happy when this is the case.

And the narrative voices in the novel (dually narrated by Cosmo and Alisdair, but in third person) really felt like the characters. I was very impressed, and it really added to the immersion in the story.

The one thing I didn't like about this novel was that the ending felt a little bit abrupt. When I finished the last chapter I kind of expected to turn the page for another one, and was surprised to find the author's note. However, this does mean that it feels as though the characters will continue to have a life after the book, which is commendable. But still, I wish there had been one more chapter.

All in all, this was a great book and I definitely intend to read more of Josephine Myles's books in the future.