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This Is Who I Am (Masters of the Shadowlands, #7) - Cherise Sinclair 07/08/13: When Sam was trying to save a woman from slavers, he screwed up. Now Linda wants nothing to do with him, despite the fact that he can see she is a masochist and a submissive. The last thing Linda wants in her life is a Dominant sadist, but she soon finds that she can't keep Sam out of her mind.

Well, I think that this was my favourite book in the Shadowlands series after Dan and Kari's book (and that's only ahead, probably, because I have a major thing for Master Dan *fans self*).

Linda is older than a lot of heroines that you see in romance or erotica, and Sam is older than most heroes. Both have grown up children, and this adds a whole new dimension to their relationship that hasn't really been explored in this series before. (Z has grown up children too, but they weren't really included in Z and Jessica's story.) The children are a big part of both Sam and Linda's life, and it shows.

Sam, for his part, is everything I was hoping him to be. We haven't had a sadist before in this series, and when I heard that he was getting a book to himself, I couldn't wait. There is pain mixed with pleasure in the other books, sure, but Sam is in a whole league of his own. I was curious about how Cherise Sinclair would handle it (sex-wise), and she actually doesn't pull any punches. I mean, she probably could have pushed it a whole lot further, but you have to keep in mind that she might have lost a lot of readers if she'd done that. As it was, it was different from the other Shadowlands books, but not in a way that would alienate her readership.

I also enjoy the fact that the story is continuing along the arc built in previous books (the Harvest Association). I like that it's not just dropped and that it's an on-going issue that's taking a long time to solve. Even though a little part of it is solved during each book. It's just nice to have some continuity, rather than disconnected stories about all the different Doms.

Considering the next book involves Sally and the FBI agents, perhaps this is where that particular story arc will wind up. We shall see, I guess.

Speaking of continuity, I love also that we get little snippets of all the other relationships. Like Z and Jessica's wedding, and little Zane, Dan and Kari's son. It's just a nice reminder that their lives haven't halted just because we've finished their story. That is a mark of a good author.

Like I said, I loved this book to pieces. It made me laugh and cry (a lot of crying), and ultimately made me fall in love with Master Sam.

I can't wait for the next one, and I'm hoping that eventually Holt will get his own book too. *pleading eyes at Cherise Sinclair*

02/08/13: WHY DID I NOT SEE THAT THIS WAS OUT?! /rolls around on the floor