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Master of the Mountain (Mountain Masters #1) - Cherise Sinclair When Rebecca's boyfriend Matt springs a weekend retreat with a swinging club on her, she goes along with it. After all, their sex life isn't exactly fantastic. She soon discovers that swinging isn't for her, but the sexy master of the lodge, Logan, is a whole other matter.

This is my first non-Shadowlands Cherise Sinclair novel, and I'm not quite sure if I was disappointed in it or if I loved the change. I kind of missed all the characters I had grown to know and love, but that's more my fault than Cherise Sinclair's.

Logan was a great Dom, there was no denying that. At the beginning of the novel, there was a tiiiny bit of dubious consent that made me a little bit uncomfortable (because I wasn't expecting it, I guess), but he did give her a safe word shortly after. I wish I'd got more of his character shining through, though, as a lot of his personality seemed to be overwhelmed by the Dom in him. We did get glimpses of his personality, though, mostly through his interactions with his dog, Thor. I just wish we'd seen more of it. He felt quite distant.

Rebecca, however, was a more fully fleshed out character, with a lot more fire in her than anyone who knows her expects. I enjoyed the awakening of her passion and fire. It was a bit like watching a flower bloom.

It is quite obvious that this is one of Cherise Sinclair's earlier novels, as the dreaded 'womb' word makes an appearance here and the characters are not as strong and nuanced as her later books. The 'womb' annoyed me in Club Shadowland and it annoyed me here.

Another thing that annoyed me was how annoyed Rebecca was with Matt over the whole swinging thing, and then her being quite happy to jump into bed with Logan. She agonised over it a few times, and Matt was okay with it (because of the swinging), but I felt like it was a little hypocritical. Oh well. That's a minor niggle.

I did, however, enjoy the premise of discovering her sexuality during a swinging weekend. This was very different to the Shadowlands series, which was nice.

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this series, as Cherise Sinclair is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me. :)