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Holden and Yves – The Early Years (The Slave Breakers, mini-prequel) - Maculategiraffe This is a collection of stories set before Bran's Story, chronicling Holden and Yves's relationship. It begins with Holden buying Yves and ends with him making Yves a part of his will.

It's a selection of one shots, so there isn't a great amount of cohesion between the parts. I mean, they're all part of the same story, but, you know, things obviously jump around a lot. This is all right when you understand that from the beginning, but lessened my enjoyment somewhat from the actual series. Perhaps if I'd read it on Livejournal my feelings would be different.

But that's by no means a reason not to read this one.

I loved getting an insight into Yves and Holden's early relationship, and into seeing how much they both have changed over the years. Once again, it's the characters that really make this story.

Definitely should be read after the main series, because, somehow, I don't think it'd be very satisfying otherways!

All in all, a short but sweet read.