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Finn's Christmas (An Endangered Fae Story)

Finn's Christmas (Endangered Fae #1.5) - Angel Martinez Finn and Diego are back, in a short story about Finn's first Christmas with Diego. :) Finn can't stay awake - he'd rather be hibernating. But then Diego explains about presents, and suddenly Finn has a lot more important things to worry about. He needs to find the perfect present for Diego, and he needs to stay awake long enough to achieve it.

This was a short, sweet story. I loved the interactions between Finn and Diego, especially with how worried Diego gets about his Finn. It's adorable. I also loved seeing Miriam properly. She's a great character - I always love seeing strong female characters in M/M fiction. :)

Once again, the sex scenes serves as an undercurrent to the main plot, which I loved. I seriously love this couple! :)

If you've read Finn, I definitely recommend picking this up for another dose of adorableness! :)