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Knights of King Arthur (Usborne Fantasy Adventure)

King Arthurs Knight Quest (Fantasy Adventures Series) - Andy Dixon Camelot is in crisis. The Knights of the Round Table have been kidnapped by the evil sorceress Morgan le Fay, and you are invited to join the quest to track down and rescue them.

As such, this is a puzzle adventure book, with objects to find and puzzles and riddles to solve.

Having read Dragon Quest and Star Quest by the same author, I was mildly disappointed with this book. There are not nearly as many things to find as in the other books. Basically you need to find a piece of armour, a chalice, the knight who needs rescuing and whatever is required to rescue them. In the other books, there are SO MANY miscellaneous objects to find in each picture. So, this book was disappointing in comparison. I finished it in about an hour.

However, if not compared to the other books, King Arthur's Knight Quest is entertaining, especially for younger readers. Some of the puzzles are a little on the hard side, but that's fine. It's nice to have a bit of challenge.

I think this series of books is really good for a parent to read with their child, and I'm looking forward to doing so with my little brother in a few years. :)